fot. Dominika Zaręba

Through photography and writing, I dream of catching the genius loci of a place and a moment.

Genius loci

To catch and memorize a certain moment, the atmosphere of a place, a hidden detail, a smile, the glint in the eyes of a reflection, a taste and a fragrance, a movement and the energy of the world – both the distant and the close…

This is my dream and my passion. Something that makes me set off continuously, moving on a journey driven by the wind, by unfulfilled curiosity, and by the need to wander, watch, and record.

Atitlan Art is a selection of notes from my travels, to tell a story through words and images about the diversity of the world in which we can still find beauty, mystery, and harmony.

Atitlan is the Mayan lake in Guatemala stretching out at the foot of three volcanoes. This magic spot of Latin America was for me the beginning of this story.